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I am having one of those “full” weeks at church this week.  Full weeks can be stressful and overwhelming, but they can also be wonderfully full of grace and blessing.  So far, this week has been the latter.  It started on Sunday.  We had our usual worship services, and both were filled with real energy and life.  Between the services, I trained a new lector – not only reminding me of the blessing of this particular ministry, but also reminding me of the new members here at St. Margaret’s that becoming incorporated into our family.  After the services, I said a few quick hellos at Coffee Hour, and then was off to a Worship Committee Meeting.  I am so grateful for the mirror that this committee provides, helping me to assess what is working and what needs work.  We added two younger members to the committee and their contributions were especially meaningful.  The committee is full of the Spirit and deeply thoughtful about our worship.  Finally, later that night I came back to church for Confirmation Class.  Our six teens and two mentors are an incredible group, with some thought-provoking questions (topics included hell, sin, and judgment, just to name a few).  I left wishing we had more time to keep feeding our young adults.

The fullness continues this week.  Last night, our Cemetery Committee met.  These passionate parishioners and staff continue to amaze me with their thoughtfulness and care.  Their ministry is a vital part of work here in Plainview.  Tonight, I meet with our Study, Sup, and Serve group, who is discussing Nickel and Dimed, by Barbara Ehrenreich.  So far, our discussions have been inspiring, challenging, and thought-provoking.  I cannot wait to see what the group does tonight.  Tomorrow, I meet with our hard-working Wardens, who always find a way to mix business with humor.  They are a blessing to me in my ministry here, and our meetings are truly a joy.  Finally, we will round out the week with our next installment of “Movies with Margaret.”  This week we are watching Saved, a dark, provocative comedy about a high school student at a Christian High School who accidently gets pregnant and how the pregnancy affects her relationships and faith.  I imagine we will all wince from time to time, but also see a lot hope and encouragement.

So, yes, a full week.  Of course, add in a special trip to the train station with my lovely husband today (his car is getting some regular maintenance), and a “treat” at a favorite doughnut shop today with my awesome daughter, and this week is truly full.  Keeping this kind of pace would not be a good a long-term plan.  Rest is a God-given gift too.  But I am grateful that this week feels full in a grace-full way, not in a stressed-out, stretched-thin kind of way.  I can only attribute that to the Holy Spirit surrounding me on every side and carrying me through this week with a sense of joy instead of burden.  Thank you God for the joyful, crazy, full life you have given me this week!  Help me to hold onto that joyful perspective in the coming weeks!