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The following post is a guest post from parishioner Barbara Archer:

Courtesy of diapersanddivinity.com.

Courtesy of diapersanddivinity.com.

Our Stewardship Drive for 2014 is quickly drawing to an end and it is my hope that after receiving the Stewardship Committee’s letter and blue-colored pledge card you have been prayerfully considering your pledge to St. Margaret’s Church for the coming year. This year’s theme, “Flourish in Faith,” has a particularly beautiful association for me because it so similarly depicts St. Margaret’s and what has been happening in our parish during the past two years!

Since Jennifer became a part of our church family, as our parish priest, we have seen so many wonderful and overdue changes.  Most importantly, she has encouraged us to Seek, Serve, and Share in numerous ways. This is so important because as the song Day by Day tells us we now, “See thee more clearly, love thee more dearly, and follow thee more nearly, day by day.” To me this is the crux of stewardship: Loving Christ and the Christ that we see and meet in others. I believe that our church family has truly stepped up in their efforts to serve Christ and our collective faith is flourishing! Christ is blessing us with his overwhelming love and in return we want to give thanks to God with an appreciative and thankful heart!

One way that we do this is by giving back ten percent of what He has financially blessed us with.  Many feel that this is a hardship. Some people ask if they have to give all ten percent to the church or can they give to others.  Others say that they can’t give ten percent. To me, this is something between you and Christ, and He knows your heart.  I would only ask you to make your pledge decision after praying and listening to what you are being called to do.

Jesus died on the cross for me and I never forget this. I am very grateful! I am a sinner like each of you but because Christ died on that cross, I have eternal life! This gift of God’s grace to me is priceless! At stewardship time, I give with a loving and thankful heart!

As you put your blue pledge card in the blue envelope and hand it in this Sunday, I have every confidence that with God’s help, our church family will continue to flourish in faith for at least another 50 years because of your generosity!

May God continue to bless you and our St. Margaret’s Church family!

Faithfully in Christ,  Barbara Archer