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Photo credit:  Jennifer Andrews-Weckerly; reuse with permission only

Sixteen pilgrims from Hickory Neck Church traveled to England for 8 days of pilgrimage.  Our focus was on choral music, hearing Evensong or Choral Mass at a Cathedral, Minster, or college everyday.  This is the first entry, initially posted on our church Facebook page.  For those of you who do not follow us on Facebook, I am repeating the journey’s daily entries here.  Enjoy!


Besides a stunning Evensong, one of my favorite moments on pilgrimage was the invitation to stillness for pilgrims. After explaining why the silence was so important for those making pilgrimage, the entire Minster stopped. In this massive Minster, with hundreds of guests, you could hear a pin drop.

It made me wonder, how often in everyday life do we accept God’s invitation to stillness? How often, in our busyness, do we forget to take one minute – one minute – to relax our minds enough to give our entire focus to God. The gesture is so simple and yet can be so profound. This week, we invite you moments of silence. In our earthly pilgrimage, we all need moments to refocus.

We look forward to seeing you at this page tomorrow!!