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Photo credit:  Jennifer Andrews-Weckerly; reuse with permission only

Sixteen pilgrims from Hickory Neck Church traveled to England for 8 days of pilgrimage.  Our focus was on choral music, hearing Evensong or Choral Mass at a Cathedral, Minster, or college everyday.  This is the fourth entry, initially posted on our church Facebook page.  For those of you who do not follow us on Facebook, I am repeating the journey’s daily entries here.  Enjoy!


Today I was struck by the notion of our lives as “witness.” Following the bombing of the medieval Cathedral in 1940, Provost Howard had the words “Father Forgive,” inscribed on the wall behind the altar of the ruined building. Howard had many ways he could have pastored the community. But by asking God to forgive, he led his people to forgive their enemies, but also forgive themselves who were complicit in war too. His witness of forgiveness inspired a community to embrace reconciliation over retaliation, love over hate, life over death.

Meanwhile, Bishops Cranmer, Ridley, and Latimer had the option renounce their new Protestant identity and return to their Catholic roots – the only identity they had ever known. Instead, they bravely faced fire over their faith. Their witness inspired countless others to hold fast to their faith, to choose what is right, to trust God even until persecution and death.

I wonder what witness you are embracing today. How are you claiming Christ in a way that inspires others? I can’t wait to hear about it!


Photo credit:  Jennifer Andrews-Weckerly; reuse with permission only